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Product Description

As a standard or custom sizes according to customer requirements filtration unit. Suitable for standard and customized ceiling keel. For different size filters and the keel. Suitable for installation on the installation or under two different installation methods. For different air flow and pressure loss. Use external rotor fan system. For different control systems. FFU that operate process control, monitoring, visualization is possible. Make the process FFU operating with a high degree of dependence 
Monitoring: Yi Xiou has completed the development of a comprehensive monitoring system is suitable for all levels of ventilation systems, clean room and airflow requirements. 
Negative pressure ventilation: Design for the inner loop of negative pressure ventilation, if any leaks, air will flow sandwich instead of a clean room. 
Flexibility: According to the needs of the plant changes, FFU can be replaced together with the lights or blind. Low levels of plant can clean by adding more FFU and simple upgrade. 
Maintenance is simple: Top removable fan assembly, easy to maintain or upgrade the performance of FFU. 
Reduce operating costs: FFU for single use low-energy fans and all the FFU ( by controlling or monitoring software ) completely controlled, making the need how much energy use, there is no waste.

 Model Standard Standard High Standard High Standard High

Module Size
2'×2' 2'×3' 2'×4' 2'×4' 3'×4' 3'×4' 4'×4' 4'×4'

310 310 310 355AK 355AK 355AL 355AL 400

Power Supply ( V )
1 F   220V ~ 240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption(W)*
70W 85W 135W 195W 230W 260W 290W 350W

250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 315mm 315mm 350mm 350mm

14 20 25 26 40 40 55 55

Noise Pressure ( dBA )
50 51 52 52 53 53 54 54
Static Pressure(Pa)
@ 0.45m/s 230 195 180 220 180 220 190 220
@ 0.40m/s 235 210 190 250 220 250 225 250
@ 0.35m/s 240 220 200 300 250 290 250 300

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