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Product Description

Unique high-quality media 
Eco-pleat using a special cotton fiber / fiber hybrid nonwoven filter media, compared with ordinary woven pure chemical fiber, the fiber of fine flour, good bulkiness, high filtration efficiency, high dust holding capacity. Media thickness of not less than 3mm, weight per square meter of not less than 70g. The most common non-woven fiber filters using a few weeks out of the wind, like a dirty little face; While for Eco-pleat filters, although a lot of fouling the windward side, but the wind is still a clean surface. Eco-pleat filters can effectively trap dust. 
Filtration performance 
In accordance with ISO international standard, Eco-Pleat average atmospheric dust spot efficiency equivalent to 25-30%, with an average weight of 90-95% efficiency, the efficiency of standard European standard EN779 G4. 
Fire Certification 
Eco-pleat filter in the manufacturing process of the added amount of the flame retardant, with superior fire resistance. Eco-pleat international standard fire rating UL-2 grade, to meet the needs of the vast majority of occasions. 
Fire performance parameters based on AS1530-3-1989 standard test results.

Combustible coefficient (0-20) 0
Flame spread coefficient (0-10) 0
Combustion heat coefficient (0-10) 0
Smoke coefficient (0-10) 2

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