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Air Shower

Product Description

How it works: Air shower room air through the primary filter pushed by the fan plenum, high efficiency filter purification, high-speed ejection from a nozzle, thereby blowing the human body and belongings of dust attached to the surface, to prevent unauthorized purified air into the purification zone. 
Product characteristics: 
* Product rugged, easy to install 
* Reliable interlock function 
* PLC control system. If a power outage, air shower door will automatically unlock 
* Easy to replace effective and efficient means for the early 
* High-capacity high efficiency filter, 99.99% efficiency @ 0.3um 
* With clean room dedicated purification lights 
* Equipped with emergency stop button 
* High-speed adjustable stainless steel nozzles (wind speed> 20m/s-25m/s) 
* Adjustable blowing leaching time (10-99 seconds) 
* With durable closers.

+86-25-8461 0201
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