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Vertical Clean Bench

Product Description

How it works: At the top of the airflow through a HEPA filter, a uniform laminar flow cabinet from the top of the settlement, to ensure that the sample is not operating room cross-contamination. The air reaches the face, about 50% of the working chamber is sucked into the rear of the barrier, the rest of the front grille with the external air meet and balance, which not only prevents unfiltered air from outside directly into the operating chamber contamination of samples and also to prevent contamination after contact with the sample gas stream overflow and endanger the safety of the operator. 

Product characteristics: 
* The use of cold-rolled steel spray process, increasing the strength and rigidity of the frame, the amplitude decreases during operation 
* Use HEP high efficiency filters, 99.99% of the current-carrying efficiency for particles greater than 0.3um 
* Device Host adopt a flexible connection, vibration, low noise 
* Console can be designed for double-sided, flexible, while reducing costs 
* Implementation Monitoring: Stepless electronic speed regulator, easier to use 
* Use foam casing centrifugal fan, low noise, low power consumption, long-term use without maintenance 
* Both sides of the transparent side window, increase the degree of lighting

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