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Auto-Roll Filter

Product Description

How it works: Mainly composed of filter, filter and automatic winding system control section. The new filter material mounted on the tank when the inlet air through the dust with a high concentration of the winding filter, the differential pressure before and after the filter gradually increased with the increase of dust. When the filter resistance rises to end resistance value set, the pressure switch to start the action, winding filter system update, stop the drive when the differential pressure lowering, update media work is completed, re- filtered. 
Application: Textile air conditioning return air filtration equipment for cooling industrial ventilation systems purify metallurgical industry sintering system central air inlet pre-filter the coal industry, the amount of wind tunnel ventilation blowers sewage treatment plant inlet filter highway culvert ventilation equipment room or a gas turbine power plant high air intake system pre-filter dust content, need frequent replacement of filter media environment; Constant air volume systems running. 
Product characteristics: 
* Rugged meet the harshest working environments 
* Intelligent filter replacement system, effective energy conservation, reduce costs 
* Modular design to meet any type of system design and installation requirements 
* Low high-end options for different materials and configurations to meet the needs of different customers 
Material: Cold rolled sheet spray, aluminum or SUS 304 
Control: Manual, time / pressure control, photoelectric control, PLC control 
Media: Special coated mesh filter material, G3, G4 (EN779) efficiency 
Installation: Just finished site powered ship can operate, if the issues on-site installation space limitations may spare parts package shipped goods to the site can be flexibly assembled molding

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