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Product Description

Product application areas: Electronics, biology, medicine, food, precision instruments and other industries, clean laminar flow hood is to provide for the needs of local air purification equipment, to meet the various needs of production and scientific experiments clean environment. The company specializes in accordance with the various requirements of users, designed to meet the different uses of non-standard laminar flow hood. 

Product characteristics: 
* The use of cold-rolled stainless steel spray or 
* Efficient use of standard HEPA or HEPA efficient tank 
* Implementation Monitoring: Stepless electronic speed regulator, easier to use 
* Use volute centrifugal fan or blower, low noise, low power consumption 
* Device Host and efficient filter installation with flexible connection, 100% to avoid leakage 
* Optional recessed lighting or teardrop lights

+86-25-8461 0201
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