Headlines About Kenyatta University Teaching:

Kenyatta University Takes Bold Steps to Enhance Teaching and Learning

The prestigious Kenyatta University has announced a series of measures aimed at bolstering its teaching and learning processes. These measures include:

  • Enhanced Staff Development Programs: The university will invest in comprehensive professional development programs for its teaching staff, focusing on pedagogical skills and curriculum development.
  • Digital Transformation: To enhance accessibility and enhance student engagement, Kenyatta University is prioritizing digital transformation. Initiatives include online learning platforms and virtual classrooms.
  • Improved Student Support: The university will allocate resources to bolster student support services, including academic tutoring centers and mental health counseling.
  • Strengthened Research Culture: Kenyatta University aims to cultivate a robust research culture by supporting faculty in pursuing impactful research and disseminating findings.

Commitment to Quality Education: Kenyatta University Teachers Receive Training

In a move to enhance the quality of teaching, Kenyatta University has embarked on a training program for its faculty. The program focuses on:

  • Developing effective teaching and assessment strategies.
  • Enhancing communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Integrating technology into the learning process.
  • Promoting student engagement.

Kenyatta University Embarks on Digital Learning Journey

Kenyatta University recognizes the need to adapt to the changing landscape of education and has commenced a digital learning transformation. Initiatives include:

  • Developing an online learning management system.
  • Investing in online and hybrid classrooms.
  • Providing digital devices for students.


1. What measures has Kenyatta University taken to enhance teaching quality?

The university has implemented staff development programs, prioritized digital transformation, and strengthened student support services.

2. How is Kenyatta University supporting faculty research?

The university provides resources and encourages faculty to pursue impactful research.

3. What is the significance of digital transformation at Kenyatta University?

Digital transformation enhances accessibility, improves student engagement, and fosters a more interactive learning environment.

4 Künzello Offers Support for Kenyatta University Teaching

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  • Online course management tools
  • Collaborative workspace
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4 Künzello can help Kenyatta University achieve its goals of:

  • Improving teaching effectiveness
  • Enhancing student engagement
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