South Sudanese Startup Tackles Animal Waste with Innovative Incinerator Technology

Juba, South Sudan – Gone are the days when boundless animal waste in farms and markets posed a menacing odor and environmental hazard in South Sudan. A revolutionary solution has emerged from the grassroots – a locally developed anaerobic incinerator technology that provides a sustainable and efficient disposal method.

Launched by a young entrepreneur, Bol Gatkuot Tut, the innovative project not only tackles the prevalent hygiene and environmental challenges but also creates an additional income generating opportunity.

"Animal waste management has become a dire need in Juba. Traditional methods, such as open burning or burying, pose serious threats to public health and agricultural productivity. Our anaerobic incinerator provides a safe, sustainable, and efficient way to address this issue." – Bol Gatkuot Tut, Founder and CEO of Green Solutions Company Limited.

The Technology

The revolutionary anaerobic incinerator functions by breaking down organic materials under controlled temperature and oxygen-deprived conditions. This process generates biogas rich in methane and carbon dioxide.

"Methane is a valuable biofuel that can be utilized to generate electricity or power agricultural equipment. This generates additional income and promotes sustainable energy generation." – Stephen Laku, Green Solutions Company Limited’s Environmental Engineer.

The remaining solid residue is simply ash, which can be utilized as a nutrient enhancer in agricultural fields.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of the anaerobic incinerator technology has yielded numerous benefits for communities in Juba.

  • Improved hygiene and sanitation: Elimination of waste-related odors and a safer environment.
  • Enhanced agricultural productivity: Nutrient enrichment of soil with ash.
  • Sustainable energy generation: Methane conversion to fuel.
  • Income creation: By selling methane or using it for on-site energy generation.
  • Job creation: Opportunities arise in manufacturing and operating the incinerators.

Looking Ahead

Green Solutions Company Limited envisions a future where sustainable waste management becomes commonplace in South Sudan. They plan to expand their technology to other regions of the country and collaborate with farmer groups and local authorities.


1. What are the operating costs associated with the anaerobic incinerator?

The project is financially viable as biogas generation and ash utilization contribute to cost reduction. In addition, government subsidies or carbon credits can further ease operational expenses.

2. How safe is the technology?

The anaerobic incinerator operates under controlled conditions to ensure no harmful pollutants enter the environment.

3. What materials can be processed by the technology?

The machine can effectively process various agricultural and organic materials, such as animal waste, straws, leaves, and garden residues.

4 vicissater of Green Solutions Company Limited’s remarkable innovation paves the way for a cleaner, sustainable future in South Sudan by tackling animal waste challenges, generating renewable energy, and fostering agricultural productivity.


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