Namibia’s 3kg/hour Incinerator: A Sustainable Solution to Solid Waste Management

Namibia grapples with significant waste management challenges, burdened by rampant urbanization and industrial activities. Addressing this crisis is critical to preserving the pristine landscapes and fostering sustainable development. One potential solution is the introduction of efficient and eco-friendly incinerators like the 3kg/hour unit.

How does the 3kg/hour incinerator work?

The 3kg/hour incinerator efficiently burns dry organic matter like paper, cardboard, plastic, and wood residues. Its advanced technology features an air pollution control system with a HEPA filter, ensuring harmful gases are scrubbed before release into the environment.

Key Benefits of the 3kg/hour Incinerator:

  • Reduces landfill waste: Converts organic waste into valuable energy and ash.
  • Saves costs: Eliminates the need for expensive landfill space.
  • Improves air quality: Minimizes harmful emissions and pollutants.
  • Environmentally friendly: Uses advanced filtration technology to control air pollution.
  • Sustainable solution: Offers a responsible and efficient waste disposal alternative.

Potential Applications:

The 3kg/hour incinerator finds applications across diverse sectors:

  • Urban areas: Suitable for waste management in high-density residential and commercial districts.
  • Agriculture: Efficiently combust dry agricultural residues like crop straw and bagasse.
  • Landscapes: Incinerate garden waste and yard trimmings to prevent land contamination.
  • Manufacturing: Dispose of production scraps and waste materials safely and responsibly.


1. What type of waste can be incinerated?
Organic matter like paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, and dry agricultural residues.

2. Does the incinerator emit harmful gases?
No. The unit features an advanced air pollution control system with a HEPA filter to capture harmful gases before release.

3. How long does the incinerator operate?
Approximately 4 vicissinate for 3 hours on a 3kg fuel load.

4 Kün 4 vicissinate operate continuously?
No. Regular refilling of the fuel hopper and emptying of the ash pan are required.

4 vicissinate emit smoke?
The HEPA filter efficiently removes smoke and other pollutants from the exhaust.

4 vicissinate have a warranty?
The unit comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.


The 3kg/hour incinerator offers a sustainable solution to address Namibia’s solid waste management challenges. Its efficient combustion, pollution control measures, and diverse applications make it an ideal technology to promote environmental responsibility and resource conservation across multiple sectors.


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